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Huntingdon & District Branch elect a new Vice President

On Wednesday 3rd February 2016, shipmates of Huntingdon & District Branch held their Annual General Meeting at the Falcon Inn, Huntingdon. One of the main orders of business is the election of Officials. With the exception of President and Vice President, Officials are elected for a maximum of two years at a time, after that …

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Huntingdon & District: Charity Stall, September 2014

On Saturday 6th September 2014, shipmates Karl Webb and Peter Aston took the Branch stall to Huntingdon Town Centre to raise funds and an awareness of the Royal Naval presence in Cambridgeshire. The stall was positioned outside of Barclays Bank, and in view of the Town War Memorial and All Saints Church. Once all the …

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Huntingdon & District: Annual BBQ, 12 July 2014

On Saturday 12th July, shipmates from Huntingdon & District Branch attended their annual BBQ, which this year was hosted by S/Ms Andy and Sharon Duthie. Earlier in the day, S/Ms Karl Webb, Hilary Meers and Pete Aston helped with the setting up of the gazebo and display tables, a full range of prizes had been …

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Huntingdon & District Branch attend Godmanchester’s Gala Day

On Saturday 5th July, shipmates Karl Webb and Pete Aston attended the Godmanchester Gala Day. With heavy rain the night before, and a grey start, it was looking like it may be a long day. Once the carnival procession had arrived at the Gala, the day began with the Mayor, Cllr David Underwood, welcoming everyone …

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Huntingdon & District: Annual Trafalgar Night Dinner, 26th October 2013

On Saturday 26th October 2013, shipmates, family and friendsĀ from Huntingdon & District Branch held their annual Trafalgar Night Dinner at Huntingdon’s Masonic Lodge, the Priory. Also attending were four members of St Neots & District Branch, three serving members of the Royal Navy, and even a retired Air Commodore. The evening began, as usual, with …

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Huntingdon Branch: Charity Car Boot Sale

The Royal Naval Association’s Huntingdon & District Branch is a registered charity. One of our commitments is to provide help and support for local, and national, organisations; be it a few pounds or a few hundred, we aim to ‘do our bit’ for the community. In order to raise funds for our chosen charities, our …

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Huntingdon & District, Annual BBQ 2013

On Sunday 28th July 2013, shipmates from Huntingdon & District Branch met up for their annual BBQ hosted by S/Ms Karl Webb and Hilary Meers. On a warm summer’s day, the gazebo was erected to allow shade for those sun-dodgers, and chairs outside for us sun-worshipers! At the main gate, two RN Ensigns signaled where …

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