Welcome to the Royal Naval Association Community Site

Please note: I am in the process of updating this site following numerous attempts to hack the main pages. As you can see, there has not been a lot of new content for a while but with a new PRO for No 6 Area joining me, we intend to start publishing articles as soon as possible.

This is an unofficial site, it has been created as a portal for members of the Royal Naval Association (RNA) to keep in touch via the means of a community forum, blog pages and social media applications. This site is designed to run alongside the official RNA HQ version, all official documentation, announcements and event notifications can be accessed via the Royal Naval Association pages.

Only members of official RNA Branches were able to register to use the private forums, however, due to the hacking attepts, the forums and individual registration has been disabled. Public pages are available in order to inform all visitors of up-and-coming events, or to provide guidance, and official links, for potential recruits to the RNA.

If you are a member of the RNA, use the ‘Contact Us’ menu and provide your details in order to register with this site.

Disclaimer: You may notice that this site has been focused on Huntingdon & District Branch. The site was originally designed by me for personal use, it was expanded for branch and No 6 Area use but for the benefit of the RNA Community. Up until 2018, this site was paid for by me, then Huntingdon Branch, and now in 2020, by No 6 Area, so what you see is what you get. We are more than happy for you to submit relevant articles and if appropriate, we will be happy to publish them when we get a chance, but this is done in our spare time so may take time to appear here.