About the website

This section will deal with questions relating to the design and running of the community site.

Is the RNA Community Site an official site of the RNA?

No, the RNA Community Site was designed by the Hon. Secretary of Huntingdon & District Branch, initially as a personal project to promote his Branch, but has since been opened up for other Branches to show their interaction with local communities and at national events. It now aims to compliment the official site and has received positive feedback from HQ and National officials; HQ have regularly provided links to this site in order to widen the publicity of the Association. So, although not an HQ Official site, it can be regarded as an approved site promoting the RNA.

Why would I need to register with this site?

The majority of this site is designed to be viewed by all our visitors, however, there are a number of documents being added which are for the use of RNA members (Branch officials and shipmates) only. At some point in the future, some Branch officials will also be granted access in order to publish their own articles and update any details on their own Branch pages – clearly to do this, they will need to be a registered member of the site.

Please note: Due to hacking attempts, no new accounts will be created for the forseeable future.

Contacting the Webmaster

Do you want to send a message to the webmaster? This section will deal with recent questions.

I sent a message using the Contact Us form but have not received a reply

The Contact Form is primarily for messages relating to the RNA website; for instance, a member of the RNA wanting to register for a user account. This contact form is not for publicity campaigns, sales of web services or other goods. If you have not received a reply to a question it will be down to the webmaster being extremely busy (but will usually send a reply to acnowledge your contact details), or that you have tried to sell a service or product to us. If this is the case, no response will be forthcoming and you may also be banned from the site altogether, please do not try to use this site for your commercial gains.