Funeral Service, Rod Morison RM

Shipmates from Huntingdon Branch were saddened to hear that Rod Morison MM RN had Crossed the Bar on the 13th February 2018. Rod was a regular stall holder at St Ives Armed Forces Day (and other events around the country) where he made friends with members of the branch.

Rod Morison at the AFD stall, St Ives 2013

Rod’s funeral took place at Cambridge Crematorium on the 5th March 2018.

As a fellow Royal Marine, S/M Andrew Bish, and S/M Martin Girvan (former LMA who also wore the Green lid) were honoured to accompany Rod’s coffin into the crematorium for the service. Rod will be missed, especially during the annual AFD in St Ives, RIP shipmate.

S/Ms Andrew Bish and Martin Girvan accompany Rod’s coffin into the Crematorium