Huntingdon Branch: Charity Car Boot Sale

The Royal Naval Association’s Huntingdon & District Branch is a registered charity. One of our commitments is to provide help and support for local, and national, organisations; be it a few pounds or a few hundred, we aim to ‘do our bit’ for the community.

In order to raise funds for our chosen charities, our Hon. Treasurer, Shipmate Pete Aston asked shipmates to donate any unwanted items that he could sell on behalf of the branch. After some searching around, Shipmates provided Pete with enough goods to sell at two car boot sales, online with Gumtree and Ebay, and even at the Cash Converters store in Huntingdon.

So, on Sunday 15th September, S/Ms Pete and Clare Aston packed up the car and headed down to Huntingdon Racecourse to sell the donated goods. It was a successful day, but as Pete still had plenty of ‘stock’ left over, he decided to have another stall the following weekend at Godmanchester.

Once again, the car was loaded up, and with his new assistant, his daughter Maisie, Pete went to Wood Green for the second car boot sale in eight days.

S/M Pete Aston and his daughter Maisie raise a few pounds at Wood Green, Godmanchester
S/M Pete Aston and his daughter Maisie raise a few pounds at Wood Green, Godmanchester

Wood Green proved to be another successful morning, but there were still a few items remaining. Pete had anticipated that some items may not sell at the car boot, so he had been placing adverts online for a few of the goods, a wise choice as he was able to make a few additional sales that way. With a few DVDs and Videos left over, Pete decided to take them into the local Cash Converters store and see what they would give for them – it wasn’t a lot, but it all adds up in the end.

All in all, S/Ms Pete and Clare Aston, and of course their daughter Maisie, have raised over £200 from selling the items donated. An excellent result with a lot of effort being put in to make these fundraising events a great success.

Thanks go to Shipmates Pete & Clare Aston for volunteering their time and effort to work these stalls, and to shipmates Grove & Doris Dove, Dick & Daphne Bacon, Ben & Rose Dear, Karl Webb & Hilary Meers, Geoff & Marion Twigden, and Spike Milligan for donating items for sale; special thanks also go to Pete and Clare’s parents, Ken & Lynn Aston, and Anne & Barry Limbrick, Pete’s boss, Ian Rille, and Pete’s work colleague, John Luxton, for digging out a few items to sell in support to the RNA.