Luton & Dunstable & Aldenham Branch

RNALuton & Dunstable & Aldenham Branch, the Royal Naval Association, meet at Kent’s Athletic Club Club on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month at 2000.

All members of the RNA (any branch) and guests are welcome to attend, if possible, would you contact the club secretary beforehand to let us know you intend to visit.

See the Address tab, and the Google Map above.

Chairman: Leabert Francis – Sadly, Crossed the Bar 13th June 2014
Vice Chairman: Cliff Knott
Hon. Secretary: Peter Kent (01582 575327 / 738463)
Hon. Treasurer: Ron Woods
Welfare Officer: Ken Clasper
Minute Secretary: Doreen Knott
Minute Secretary: Marie Adams
Standard Bearer: Ron Almond

President: John Robinson
Vice President: Mike Sargent

Kent’s Athletic Club
Tenby Drive