RNA St Neots Support Bedford’s Armed Forces Day

RNA St. Neots was invited to support Bedford Armed Forces Day held on Sunday 30th June 2013. The invitation came from a Branch-less Member of the RNA who is on the HQ Roll, S/M Malcolm Holloway of Bedford, who is well known to St.Neots.

Without hesitation, the show was on the road & our Gazebo was erected in record time. A hot sunny day brought with it a keen interest in the RNA.

S/M Keith Ridley with members of T.S. Victorious
S/M Keith Ridley with members of T.S. Victorious

Seen in the picture is S/M Keith Ridley, Chairman of St. Neots Branch & NCM for No6 Area, with members of TS VICTORIOUS, Bedford Sea Cadet Corps sporting their RNA Caps & RNA Armed Forces Day Badges. During the day interest was shown by no less than six ex RN guys who asked the question – why is there no RNA Branch in Bedford? This is now being addressed as a matter of urgency and a meeting place has already been identified.

Bedford is just one of ten venues being attended by RNA St. Neots over the the summer, who are out to ‘Show the Flag’ for the RNA.  Keith’s message to all RNA Branches, ‘ GET OUT THERE & be seen, SHOW THE FLAG ‘ but do not forget to take a notebook for names & addresses for follow-up action along with a pile of Application Forms !