S/M Basil Phillips, Newbury RNA, honoured by shipmates

A WWII Royal Naval veteran has been honoured by his shipmates.

S/M Basil Phillips, who served on HMS Maidstone and HMS Cheviot between 1940 and 1947 in various theatres of conflict during WWII, sadly Crossed the Bar recently.

Unfortunately, he had no next of kin or immediate close family. S/M Bob McGuiness, Newbury’s Branch Chairman, had been made executor several years ago. Following his death, several items relating to Basil were put together to form a permanent memorial to him. This included 5x WWII Stars, his medal for War Service, the medal ribbons of his uniform, and a few photographs: one showing him around 15 years old at RN training school, one around 65 years old raising a glass to all and sundry, and one showing Basil in full RNA rig carrying the Branch Standard.

The memorial to S/M Basil Phillips

Additionally, part of the memorial included three blazer badges; one of the HMS Maidstone ships Association, one RNA badge, and one showing his membership of the HMS Cheviot ships Association.

This memorial now hangs in the Newbury Branch of the Royal British Legion so passing and visiting shipmates can raise a glass to Basil.

RIP Basil, your shipmates will always remember you.