Shipmate Logan Harvey-Hall, Crossed the Bar, 31 December 2016 – UPDATED

Shipmates from Peterborough & District Royal Naval Association regret to announce that shipmate Logan Harvey-Hall Crossed the Bar on Saturday, 31st December 2016.

S/M ‘Harvey’ Hall (as he preferred to be called) was the Branch Standard Bearer and Branch Welfare Officer at Peterborough, he was known throughout the region through his attendance at parades with other Standard Bearers from the RNA, RBL, RAFA and other military associations.

Harvey’s funeral took place on Monday 23rd of January at Peterborough crematorium.

Shipmate John Lallyette wanted to thank all that attended, stating:

On behalf of the family, Committee, and Branch members of Peterborough RNA, I should like to extend our greatful thanks to all the members of Area 6 who made the journey to Peterborough, to attend the funeral of our late shipmate Harvey-Hall.

The family will have been proud to have known how well liked Harvey was by all his shpmates, far and near.

S/M John Lallyette


Peterborough RNA



For any other information, please contact S/M John Lallyette, Peterborough RNA: 01733 75344 or email address