Shipmate Leabert ‘Lea’ Francis, Crossed the Bar, 14 June 2014

Shipmate Leabert Martin Francis 1951-2914
Shipmate Leabert Martin Francis 1951-2014

During the Royal Naval Association annual conference in June, shipmate Peter Kent, Hon. Secretary of Luton & Dunstable & Aldenham Branch informed members that shipmate Leabert ‘Lea’ Francis had Crossed the Bar in the early hours of Saturday 14th June 2014.

Lea (Chairman at Luton & Dunstable & Aldenham Branch) was an Aircraft Handler in the Royal Navy and served onboard a variety of Carriers including HMS Eagle. After a medical discharge, Lea joined the Fleet Air Arm Association and the Royal Naval Association and became a dedicated, and active, member for over 24 years.

A well respected character, Lea will be missed by all who knew him, At his funeral, Standards from the Royal Naval Association and the Fleet Air Arm Association were paraded to honour our lost shipmate.