Six British World War II Submarines may have been located off Tunisia

On the 6th January 2018, the Times newspaper and Mail Online reported that six British submarines, lost during the Second World War, may have been found off the coast of Tunisia.

Mr Misson believes the submarines are located between Tabarka and Cap Negro (Copyright Mail Online)

Jean-Pierre Misson, a Belgium diver was conducting a seabed study, using sonar scans, in an area between Tabarka and Cap Negro. Jean-Pierre believes the scans showed the wrecks of six British submarines: HMS Talisman, HMS Tigris, HMS Turbulent, HMS Utmost, HMS Usurper or P48, and P222 as well as one possible Italian Class 600 submarine (Express, 7 Jan 2018).

British T class submarine HMSM TIGRIS underway in Plymouth Sound (Imperial War Museum)

Jean-Pierre also said that there could be more wrecks in the area (, 12 Jan 2018) as it appeared to have been a heavily mined region. To confirm the identity of the wrecks, it would be necessary to dive there. However, at his age, Jean-Pierre said he does not have the ability to do that.

The possible wrecks have been reported to the British and Italian Navies, the Italians have said they planned to survey the suspected Italian vessel (, but the British have not taken any action.

Jean-Pierre Misson

A call for MPs to take action

Shipmate Bob McGuinness, Chairman of No 6 Area, Royal Naval Association, and a former submariner, has been following this possible finding with interest. He also said that the latest information (email Jean-Pierre Mission, 26 Feb 2018) is that there are 14 WWII wrecks which have been identified from sonar images.


Shipmate Bob McGuiness has written to his local MP in the hope that the question of sending a survey ship to try and confirm the wrecks as being the lost British submarines, and of course, designating them as War Graves. Bob has asked that all those wishing for action to be taken, also contact their local MPs and get the question asked in Parliament.

A note when writing to your MP, all letters have to be from an individual, you cannot mark it up as a group message. You must include your name and address (to be confirmed as being within the MPs constituency), and what you would like the MP to ask. Hopefully, this will result in action being taken by the government to finally bring closure to the families and friends of those lost during the Second World War.


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