St Neots Armed Forces Day 2015

St Neots RNA Chairman and President worked up the 2015 AFD celebrations with the Town Council and Royal British Legion. Once again the town turned out in full to enjoy their exhibition in Riverside Park.

St Neots RNA Stall...and refreshments tent
St Neots RNA Stall…and refreshments tent

The RNA outgoing Chairman and President found the festival organisation thirsty work so arranged for the RNA tent to be alongside the refreshment tent.

Manning the guns
Manning the guns

Nearby future territorials from the town practised with machine guns mounted in 4x4s. Younger children disappeared into tanks on loan for the day. Meanwhile the town brought out its own portable hospital and ambulance to relieve pressures on A&E.

St Neots' portable hospital and ambulance
St Neots’ portable hospital and ambulance
St Neots' portable hospital
St Neots’ portable hospital

Fortunately the day went off without incident. Mid-afternoon the local avian air defence was scrambled when a WWII fighter was sighted approaching the show.

A WWII fighter is sighted approaching the show
A WWII fighter is sighted approaching the show