St Neots Branch Fundraising events, July 2017

St Neots and District Branch throughout the year go out fundraising whilst flying the flag and raising interest in the RNA.  Over many years St Neots and District Branch have picked up new members in this way whilst out at events with the gazebo and a tombola stall.  We have two tombolos, one for the adults and the other for children and both have been very successful.
Charity stall at Eaton Socon May Day 2017
In May this year the branch were at Eaton Socon May Day.  A very popular local event which the Branch attends every year.  The next event was in the foyer at Tesco in St Neots for 2 days where again a great deal of interest was created. Children particularly like the RNA Sailor Hats which can be obtained free from Central Office as free giveaways.
Eaton Socon May Day, 2017
Armed Forces Day
Any Branches looking to recruit new members you need to get out and promote yourselves and the RNA. Admittedly you need willing volunteers but on the plus side it can be a great fun day out for those who take part.  To be successful you need to source new tombola prizes at a good price. The adult prizes always look more attractive if they are wrapped in cellophane and tied with curling ribbon.  Adult prizes are numbered but on the children’s tombola they can choose what they want.
Another huge attraction is supermarket foyer collections where members if possible should wear blazers and medals.  This creates a hugh attraction with members of the public who are always very eager to chat. Again free RNA Sailor Hats are always very popular.
Tesco Charity stall
Finally always make sure you have sufficient RNA Application Forms ready to hand and have available details of where and when your Branch meet.  New members in general don’t come to you, you have to go out and get them!
Children having fun at the Tesco Charity stall
Maureen Ridley
PRO St Neots & District Branch
Permission was given by the parents of the photos of the children at Tesco foyer collection.